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Three pillars of profit

You have a powerful contribution to make but you aren't really profiting to the degree you know you can. Profit goes deeper than dollars.

I think it looks like this... 


What's your contribution? What is your offer to us? What do you bring to this tribe, to our team, to this project or goal?

We're not interested in picking you and we're not as interested in paying for your time as we once were. We want to know if you're willing to pick yourself, to be the person who is worthy of our investment in you.

We're not so interested in your skills; we want your attitude, your approach and your heart. We want to know if you will be humble enough to make us do what, deep down, we know we can. There is only one you in the whole world. What do we get working with you we can't get anywhere else? 


A short list: More generous, more urgent, more vulnerable, more personal, more present, more authentic, more honest, more integral, more committed, more you.

When in doubt, speak to us when you can improve on the silence. 

Where you've studied, your degrees and certificates, or what you know no longer matter like they used to. What you've done is a poor lens through which to see what's possible, at what can be done.

We want to know if you're clear about what you want, who you are, and how you treat other people, especially when the stakes are high.

Because the stakes are higher than ever. 


What is your promise? What is your promise, to yourself, and to us? How far are you willing to go to deliver on that promise? You have a brand whether you want it or not. Your brand is your promise and your work is delivering on that promise. 

Profit goes deeper than money. We profit in our faith and connection, in our families and relationships, in our health and well-being, in our impact to others and the world.

Be wary of compromise. Integration is the force multiplier, the 10x, and most importantly, the experience that makes all the effort worth it.

Not in the end. Now 

We can always make more money but we can't make more time.

It's your time. Who stands to profit from your work?  


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