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Forget your dreams, do this instead

habits results spirit Oct 21, 2018

My business is doing well, but I want to be truly financially free. 

I need to lose 10lbs.

My team is smart and capable. I wish they listened to me and produced better work. 

These things, they are never the end goal. These are means to an end. 

Think of the something you desire in life right now. Write it down. What would it mean about you if you got what you wanted? 

Financial freedom means I believe I am worthy of abundance and prosperity.

Losing 10lbs means I stopped trying to protect the self esteem of my peers. 

Response from team means I found the courage to be true to myself at the risk of disappointing another. 

If you want it and don't have it, become the person who deserves it. Raise your standards, not your desires. 



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