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Being as an exponential result

10x leadership Feb 22, 2019

This is something we are always in search of. The human who is playing at a different level, generating results that change everything.

It's easy to believe that improved performance and is about doing more. More hours, more hustle, more courage, more widgets, more likes, more adoption. 

Being and doing are not mutually exclusive, although sometimes it pays to treat them that way. 

Being has no outcome to achieve. It is its own outcome. There are many paths to exploring this. Some meditate, others run, work, drink, play games.

It may feel unnatural at first. It's not the quality of being that is foreign to us, it's in the comparison of quiet against the rest of our lives. 

This work is about creation, and creation is about results.

We've seen the performance. What is the state of your being with us today? 

HT: Seth Godin // Photo: Micah Ness, Silverline Films


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