Integrity, A New Model


Originally Published on Oct 3, 2014 by, Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership

In the video Integrity a New Model (read more at we present a positive model of integrity that, as we distinguish and define integrity, provides powerful access to increased performance for individuals, groups, organizations, and societies. Our model reveals the causal link between integrity and increased performance, quality of life, and value-creation for all entities, and provides access to that causal link. Integrity is thus a factor of production as important as knowledge and technology, yet its major role in productivity and performance has been largely hidden or unnoticed, or even ignored by economists and others.

In this new model, we distinguish all four phenomena - integrity, morality, ethics, and legality - as existing within two separate realms. Integrity exists in a positive realm devoid of normative content. Integrity is thus...

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The continually transforming fool - JBP

Do you want to be right? Or do you want to be learning?

What you don't know is more important than what you do know.

JBP on humility, learning and the different forms conversations take... 

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Being as an exponential result

10x leadership Feb 22, 2019

This is something we are always in search of. The human who is playing at a different level, generating results that change everything.

It's easy to believe that improved performance and is about doing more. More hours, more hustle, more courage, more widgets, more likes, more adoption. 

Being and doing are not mutually exclusive, although sometimes it pays to treat them that way. 

Being has no outcome to achieve. It is its own outcome. There are many paths to exploring this. Some meditate, others run, work, drink, play games.

It may feel unnatural at first. It's not the quality of being that is foreign to us, it's in the comparison of quiet against the rest of our lives. 

This work is about creation, and creation is about results.

We've seen the performance. What is the state of your being with us today? 

HT: Seth Godin // Photo: Micah Ness, Silverline Films

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leadership performance Feb 18, 2019

The sky is neither excited about the sunshine, nor bothered by the clouds.

So it is in a clear, compassionate mind. 

It pays to be present.


Photo credit: Micah Ness, Silverline Films, ROMP Cotopaxi '18
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You must be present...

10x c4r leadership love Dec 01, 2018

to fall in love. Because love is an experience, not an idea. 

photo: Bee Alaine Mathis, Termas de Papallacta

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Three pillars of profit

You have a powerful contribution to make but you aren't really profiting to the degree you know you can. Profit goes deeper than dollars.

I think it looks like this... 


What's your contribution? What is your offer to us? What do you bring to this tribe, to our team, to this project or goal?

We're not interested in picking you and we're not as interested in paying for your time as we once were. We want to know if you're willing to pick yourself, to be the person who is worthy of our investment in you.

We're not so interested in your skills; we want your attitude, your approach and your heart. We want to know if you will be humble enough to make us do what, deep down, we know we can. There is only one you in the whole world. What do we get working with you we can't get anywhere else? 


A short list: More generous, more urgent, more vulnerable, more personal, more present, more authentic, more honest, more integral, more...

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People in costume

clarity Oct 31, 2018

We build personalities like we build houses, to protect us from the outside world. The problem is, once they are built, we are forced to live in them.

Today is Halloween.

The holiday originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and don costumes to ward off ghosts. This day marked the end of summer and the harvest and the beginning of the dark, cold winter, a time of year that was often associated with human death. 

We love and celebrate this holiday, I think because it gives us permission. Permission to drop one costume and try on another. To be something different.

Most of us wear costumes every day. The boss, the artist, the entrepreneur, leader, parent, roommate, the preacher, the influencer, the saint, the sinner.  

The costumes we wear have a job to do. I think it looks like this...

  1. to create an identity and
  2. fight to the death to protect it

The job of the ego. Most costumes...

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leadership Oct 29, 2018

Society has phrases like “Be yourself”. “Stick to your roots”. “Don’t forget where you came from”.

Have you ever stopped to think about who you really are? Where is this thing you call the self? Maybe this thing self doesn’t exist, it’s merely you clinging to an identity built up of stories about the past. 

And this is tricky because this identity is wrapped up in your gifts and talents, everything that's gotten you to where you are today. 

To succeed exponentially in life and business you have to be willing to change who you are, to constantly evolve. This is impossible when you cling to your identity and believe you are the way you are. You have to slaughter your self-image.

Two ideas...

1. Instead of answering the question “Who am I?” Try answering the question “Who am I becoming”

2. Practice being fully present to what is, without judgment. This is about being radically...

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Creation and problem solving

leadership Oct 19, 2018

The fundamental distinction between creation and problem-solving is simple.

In problem-solving we fight to make something we don't like cease to exist. In creation, we imagine what might be and bring it to exist for the first time. 

Problems, judgment, criticism, resistance, these things can't occupy the nature of creation. There is no standard upon which to compare. Only experience. 

Most of the time though, we work and operate somewhere in the middle. Writer's call it writer's block, the resistance experienced in the creation of pretty much everything. 

The struggle is real. The solution is simple. Keep working. 

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