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The evolution of you...

You’ve made a unique difference in the world.

If you're reading this, you’ve probably been very successful in the past, even though you didn’t think you knew what you were doing.

You have a track record of doing things most people have never done before or would never dream about doing. You take risks. You’re adventurous and sometimes not in conventional ways.

People around you are astounded by the things you have created. And yet, on the inside, in the face of the courage it would take to do those things, you’d feel anxious. There’d be a lack of confidence in you, on the inside, that most people would never see.

Despite all of this success, you can doubt yourself. And sometimes all it takes is one tiny failure or the smallest doubt of someone else, and the seed is sewen, and the doubt inside increases massively inside of you.

You’re rarely alone, but sometimes you can feel very lonely.

If this sounds familiar, read on...

My name is Karl.

I have a track record in helping people and teams reinvent themselves. What I do is what I believe, and what I believe is that we can all change. That we live in a world of infinite possibilities. And what we can do to live an amazing life is being insanely curious, thinking in possibility, and connecting deeply with people.

I’ve got a background in creating and growing companies. I am passionate about startups, the outdoor industry, and social enterprise. I’ve created businesses and I’ve created new divisions inside of businesses to help founders grow and scale thier impact. I can geek out on lean principles and design thinking. I love to go deep into human performance, organizational narratives and culture change.

I earn a living doing what I love and what I love is seeing people and organizations transform.

I recently took my practice to the 19,347ft summit of Cotopaxi in Ecuador as part of a joint effort with the Range of Motion Project that raised over $100,000 to advocate and advance prosthetic care for underserved people in developing countries. It’s one of the proudest moments of my career.

But underneath all of that, I love people. And I understand people. Because if you don’t understand people, you can’t make that kind of difference in the world.

And these days I coach people like you.

I am an expert in reinventing yourself. In using the same doubts and fears that bind you to become the sharpest definition of who you are at your next level.

One of your strengths is that you’re that you’re talented and capable, you set extraordinarily high standards for yourself and you live into them. And the dark side of this is that you feel bound to protect your accomplishments. You know there is more and at the same time, can feel paralyzed by the very possibility your talents afford you.

You see, your fears and insecurities are not something to hide from. Rather, they are the compass, the sharpest definition of who you are and where you are going next.

If you’re ready to reinvent your life or your business or take either of them to the next level, then we should have a conversation.

Let's have a conversation

"Two weeks into my sessions with Karl and WOW! So much encouragement, feedback and tackling hurdles in just a few weeks. Already making progress in both personal and professional areas of my life where I’ve struggled to even get started in the past. Thanks, Karl Schroeder, for giving me tools to help me stay on task and step up my game!"

Deb S.
Program Consultant, Iowa Department of Education

"I am still buzzing...after just my first session with Karl I feel like I can’t even fathom what is possible for my own personal and professional growth...I am confident that wherever I am headed, this is the direction I should go."

Andrew I.
Senior Manager, Transportation and Mobility, Downtown Denver Partnership

"It was a wonderful learning and networking experience. I want to thank you for allowing us to hear Karl. He was insightful and gave me some food for thought in reflecting on personal as well as professional life."

Bobby D., MBA, CGFM
AGA National President

"I just wanted to tell you, thank you because I don't know if I would have ever realized that this is the path I should go down or had the guts to specifically ask for it. I am more enthusiastic and open to challenging myself again, I am more confident in my values, and I have better communication skills. I just feel happier and a sense of calm. I always learn something new about how to be the best version of me. I feel like I've been growing and becoming more in-tune with my guiding principles every week. "

Olivia B.
Senior Traffic Engineer, Atkins Global

"I feel like Karl understands me and can sense why I'm off balance. I feel positive and ready to bravely stand up to the challenges ahead. "

Aja R.
Consultant - Johnson and Johnson Synthes

"It's taken some serious ups and downs to make me realize leadership is worth considering. Your words keep ringing in my ears: whatever you decide to do, go for it 100%"

Eric H.
Executive Director, Quarterly Forum


To raise dollars and awareness on the power of mobility, the importance of access to prosthetic care, and the international significance of legislation protecting rights for those with disabilities. This is my Climb for Mobility Project.

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